Industrial design

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Engineering Studies

Topographical studies: Relate topographical charts, transportation projects and traffic connections. The objective is the accurate and legal mapping of the project, so as not to create a problem to the owner of the project.

Architectural studies: The philosophy of aesthetics of our projects is to stay in the perception of the observer, and gives identity to the project. The architects see the space as mode sense and economy. In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, the project will see it first photo from the design, so you know from the outset what the project will achieve. Today all the architectural design shall be governed by the filter energy efficiency in cooperation with the electrician – mechanical engineer.

Studies In Civil Engineering: Today, the structures have alternative forms, between conventional and metal construction. With the development of the machinery we build a variety of styles, shapes and sections of iron, in order to get the project in the form that we have planned. In addition, besides structural adequacy, the schedule execution of the project it is one of the key conditions for success of the project.

Electrical Studies: The electromechanical installations are those that operate the building and provide many of the active features. Studies electrical, heating – air conditioning, fire safety, water supply, sanitation, lighting, thermal insulation, sound insulation it's some of the studies that establish the electrical – mechanical. But apart from these studies, the mechanics of the kind of prepare studies the organization and operation from production processes, up to the business activities. In an industry, our engineers ensure the proper maintenance of machinery and equipment, as well as the prevention, through education, safety and hygiene at work.

Environmental Studies:  The environment has to be respected and protected, as it is a source of life, only for humanity. I don't means a development with environmental stress and infection. Today, much progress has been made in the alternative waste management and in general, the culture of environmental impact. Each activity has an environmental impact, and our engineers have the knowledge and experience to study and to record responses.

Geological Studies: The stratification of the soil is of great interest in the foundations of a building, and during the drilling – mining drilling. In these and in other similar cases, we need soil analysis and study, in order to determine the technical side of the project. In addition, the geological studies is necessary for the design and development of infrastructure areas.

Modeling production

In the modern business environment with intense competition and ever-increasing pressure to reduce times and costs of production, the maximum possible use of resources and production capacity, is one of the most determining factors for the sustainability of industries.

P ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering assume the simulation of production line industries for the purpose of maximum efficiency, the appropriate human resources and making them so strong in the modern competitive environment.

Originally recorded for the operation of the production line and in particular the stages, the durations, the machines, the flows of raw materials and products, as well as the packing process. Then becomes modeling of the production line and through simulation are studied alternative scenarios of production. Taking into account the constraints (physical, technological and financial) that are encountered daily in production lines, is an approach to the mode of operation as a combination of multiple parameters which take values with specific features that interact between them. Then, it tries to predict the volume of production for each product category based on production volumes from previous years using appropriate mathematical models. The use of different models and on the basis of the results obtained and estimates of management of the industry, selected the most suitable, which produces the most realistic results. Using these results it is proposed that the most efficient plan of production.

Licenses and Facilities

Version permits Installation and Operation, regards to the companies (industries, handicrafts, health stores, garages, and workshops). The granting of the authorisation of the establishment or installation is the first action and marks the start of work for the installation of the enterprise. After its completion, followed by the second, the granting of the license for the legitimacy of the operation of the business.

To achieve these licenses are:

  • designed footage of firms and industries
  • developed the engineering design studies of business
  • prepared environmental studies
  • elaborated studies of active fire
  • carried out the studies of occupational risk
  • set those responsible for supervising engineers of operation
Τεχνικος Ασφαλείας

Technical services security

The security officer provides to the employer's instructions and advice on matters relating to the health and safety of work and the prevention of occupational accidents. The working time depends on number of employees and degree of risk of the business. We provide technical services security in industry, crafts and workshops.