The study of fire safety concerns passive measures and active means taken from the design of a building/installation, depending on the use, with a view to the prevention of the risk of occurrence and transmission of fire and the immediate response to the.   

Factors of pension studies fire safety / fire-fighting

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, we draw up passive and active fire safety studies taking into account the protection of human life and the avoidance of material damage to property based on current legislation and safety rules.  

Contents study fire safety 

– Issue for the study of Passive which is concerned with solving the classification subtest building, depending on the use, size and construction work that is going to take place.

– Plans of Passive measures, accompany the Passive study issue in which the fire compartments are marked, and fire resistance indicators, escape routes and safety lighting as well as the required emergency exits. 

– Issue for the study of Active in a sequence of Passive study includes the calculation and description through fire.

– Plans Active through fire-extinguishing accompany the issue of the study of Active in the which marked the locations of the required fire fighting media and other elements of the study.

In the study of Active are included in the event :

– Design and description of the system of Fire detection and fire warning.

– Drawings, calculations and a description of a Permanent Water supply Fire Network (E. Nests).

– Drawings, calculations and description of Automatic Systems for Fire suppression (Sprinklers).

– Drawings, calculations and System description total sprawling with aerosol.

– Drawings, calculations and a description of Systems for local application.

P ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineeringwith many years of experience in large-and smaller-sized facilities studies fire safety/fire extinguishing systems for the space/activity that you are interested in ensuring the protection of the building and the facility.

In 2020, our company was awarded with the SILVER award in Fire & Emergency Awards for “Ενοποίημένο system, fire protection and industrial security – SUNLIGHT SA”.