The study lighting shall determine the appropriate specifications for the installation of the desired lighting outdoors (parks, lighting of monuments etc.), roads and buildings (interior and facade lighting).

Factors of pension Studies Lighting

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, we draw up photography studies, taking into accountthe size of the space or aspect of the building, the location and use of the building,the functionality and aesthetics of each space,the cost of installation,the degree of efficiency of the lighting fixtures,the required lighting intensity and all the factors that affect the final lighting result of a space or building.

Information Studies Lighting

The study lighting includes:

– Installation plans

– Issue technical specifications of materials (lamps, transformers, starters etc.)

– Calculation of useful luminous flux

– Calculation of hours output luminous flux

– Calculation of operating hours of lighting depending on the usage of the project

– Find the cost of consumption of the lamp

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, we draw up phototechnical studies for the constructions in specialized programs and we constantly monitor the developments in the field of lighting, seeking our projects to be functional, economical and safe, both for the customer and for the environment.