It is the study on the calculation of the participation rate and cost of use of the lift and the cost of central heating (operating and emergency) per residence, place of work etc. in a building.

Factors For The Study Of Allocation Of The Costs Of Heating - Lift

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering we're compiling the study, taking into account the following:

1) The number of houses – office in the building

2) The number of consumption heating

3) The floor in which it is located

4) The square of the space

5) The rates of property

6) The rates of remuneration

7) Exceptional cases of work (painting staircase, materials, maintenance etc.)

Data For The Study Of Allocation Of The Costs Of Heating - Lift

They are included in the preparation of the Study, table of charge rates,calculation of heating metering units,calculation of participation of each property of the building,sharing expenses according to the ownership percentage.

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, we have been producing studies of distribution costs, driven by the feeling and the essence of law in charge of the co-owners. Each study is accompanied by consulting proposals for energy savings.