Topographic chart is a comprehensive survey of the study, on which are imprinted with the accuracy required to the following:

1. Geometric features, such as the shape and size of the area

2. Any objects that are within the measured area

3. The coordinates of the property, or to an independent (in arbitrarily defined system), or in a child GGRS ’87 (Greek Geodetic Reference System 1987)

Topographic charts have applications mainly inroad construction studies and transport projects,building project studies,GIS systems (Geographic Information Systems) and instudies of hydraulic works (water supply, drainage, port works, dams, etc.).

Factors of pension topographic mapping

The factors which are taken into account for the preparation of a topographic chart is:

(a) The use of topographic mapping

(b) The study area of property

(c) The requirements of the use for which it is intended the study

Elements of topographic mapping

The Topographic map is displayed:

– Full fix of the measurement area and the adjacent land of the wider region and set limits

– Table of coordinates and dimensions of the property

– Applications of planning legislation and in some circumstances the legal science

– Extract of a town-planning design, or trek scribble, and leaves the map area

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, undertake the preparation of topographic studies on the basis of the improvement of the process from the on-site collection of measurements, up to and implementation of the rightly produced technical department, specifying secure with the appropriate statutes, and the definition of the contract, the trade of the owner of the property.