The study of heating and air conditioning concerns the calculation and the design, installation heating or air conditioning systems in residences, industries, commercial establishments and offices.

Factors Study Heating – Air Conditioning

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, putting together a Study of Heating and air Conditioning, taking into account:

– The size of a building installation

– The ambient temperatures

– Technical specifications

– The comfort conditions and requirements of the user

– The elegance of the space

– The desired temperatures spaces

– Energy saving

– The environmental impact

Data For The Study Of Heating And Air Conditioning

The Heating - Air Conditioning Study includestechnical specifications of insulating materials, theconstruction plans (layout, placement, etc.),performance calculation and installation costs,

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, undertake the preparation of studies, heating / air-conditioning based on the functionality and the aesthetics of the space, the specific needs of each, in accordance with the standards which have been established by the competent bodies. The study is governed by the trilogy-Saving – Environment – Aesthetic.