The study of the electrical installation concerns a study of the sizing, installation, control and handling of all of the electrical components, which serve the needs of electricity consumption. They are divided into studies electrical installations, strong and weak current.

The studies of electrical installations, strong currents are:

– Network distribution of low-or medium-voltage

– Lighting and power buildings 

– Professional lighting

– Lighting exterior

– Correction of the power factor cosφ

– Fundamental grounding

– Lightning protection

The studies of electrical installations patient's current concern:

– Security – alarm

– CCTV (closed-circuit television cameras and automatic video recording)

– Audio distribution

– Access control (access control)

– Installation of a video door, bell and maintenance

Factors of pension design and construction of electrical installations

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering we undertake the design and manufacture of all kinds of electrical installations in buildings, industries, handicrafts and workshops based on the following principles:

(a) our projects to be operational, to improve comfort and performance in the workplace

(b) The installation complies with the safety rules

(c) The installation is done by certified electricians

Evidence of electrical installations

The basic syntax elements of a study of electrical installations is the placement of the tables of distribution and the design of the installation in accordance with the uses of each space, the calculations of cross-sections wireline and insurance provisions and the design of the μονογραμμικών diagrams. 

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, we have been producing the study of electrical installations, driven by finding the best solution for the customer's needs in relation to the energy savings, the functionality of space, and its economic potential.