New buildings

This is a study which analyses and evaluates the performance of the energy design of the building. Based on this shows the energy rating of the building, while the preparation of the taken into account the requirements for heating, cooling and domestic hot water, and the characteristics of the structural elements of the building.

Existing buildings

In the case of existing buildings, is carried out energy audit or study of energy efficiency in the case of a licence. 

Factors to study the energy performance of buildings 

Key elements in the study are taken into account:

– Climatic data of the area, the location and orientation of the building

– The use of the building (residential, offices, etc.)

– The coefficient of thermal transmittance of building materials

– The desired conditions of indoor environment (temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting) per heat zone

– The performance of electromechanical systems that will be installed

– Data and assumptions for the calculation of the energy performance of the building in accordance with applicable Law

Data for the study of the energy performance of buildings 

The data included in the study efficiency is the following:

– Architectural design (volume, surface, orientation etc.)

– Specifications of structural elements and materials of the building (thermal characteristics)

– Documentation of the location and orientation of building for maximum utilization of the local climatic conditions

– Design of systems for the protection of the building

– Separation of thermal zones and non-heated spaces of the building

– Study of systems of heating, cooling, domestic hot water, ventilation, lighting and performance of these. 

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, we undertake the preparation of a comprehensive study of energy efficiency and energy design of buildings.