Tstudy of environmental impact is the study in which the assessment and the calculation of measures to tackle the environmental impact during the operation and construction of public and private projects on the environment, 

This study aims the approval and issuance of the environmental conditions and in addressing the environmental impact.

Factors Of Pension Environmental Impact Assessment

The factors taken into account for the preparation of the study are:

– The type of pollution and waste produced by the under study activity

– The products

– The geographical extent

– The existing pollution

– The applicable National and European Legislation

Elements Of Environmental Impact Assessment

In the Study of the Environmental Impacts contained in the penvironmental data, the fdecisions project and the impact on the environment, the mstudy of impact, and addressing them, and ybudget specifications and conditions of the environmental impact.

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Environment, with the design of the Study of the Environmental Impact we have a main goal is the complete monitoring of the implementation of the project, the establishment of a framework for rational design with the principles of prevention of sustainable and ecological function of the activity.