In the study of the water supply shall be calculated to the needs of water use, irrigation, special use (washing, dyeing, etc.) and specified the entire hydraulic study, networking, and hygiene items.

Factors Study Water

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, we draw up a Water Supply Study, taking into accountexisting network and benefits from which the network will receive, thetype and size of installation (tank, etc.), theterrain morphology (pressures due to altitude, etc.), theaverage speed, thepressure sales – coefficients of friction and thetypes of water uses.

Data For The Study Of The Water Supply

The data included in the study of the water supply are the following :

– Calculation of cross-sections for the network

– Study type of fittings

– Construction drawings of that part of the network (length etc.)

– Sort and provision of receptor

– Calculation of the total required pressure input - output

– Technical study, calculation of materials

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineeringputting together studies of water supply-driven optimal solution to the economic and technical fields, with excellent quality of materials and recommend the appropriate specifications for the installation of the network.