Study of waste management is the study on the planning of waste management, the collection and transfer, uploading, processing, utilization up to incineration and the final safe disposal.

Factors Of Pension Study Waste Management System

For the preparation of the Waste Management Study, the factors taken into account are the type of waste, the population of users, the use for which the system is intended (e.g. urban, industrial, streams subject to alternative management, medical, etc. ) and the wastewater treatment method (such as landfill of waste (hazardous, non-hazardous, municipal and inert), septic tank, sealed tank, septic tank, etc.).

Elements Study Waste Management System

For the study required:

1) Craft Study (ways of processing etc.)

2) Technical study for the installation

3) Description of the phases of system management

4) Calculation specification management system

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Environment, the syntax of the Study Waste Management System, we have a main goal is the development of environmental and economic incentives to improve the management and reduction of waste.