Study of lift is the study in which it is calculated and designed the installation of an elevator for lifting cargo or human resources for the convenience of users.

Factors Study Lift

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineeringputting together study, elevator, taking into account:

1) The type and use of the building

2) The number of users

3) genre – installation dimensions (way of mounting, dimensions chamber and shaft etc.)

4) safety

5) power supplies (three-phase, single-phase)

6) The payload and the machinery spaces

Data For The Study Lift

In the elevator study they are includedconstruction drawings (plan, elevation, section),engineering study,technical specifications of materials andelectrological study.

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineeringwith the comprehensive design study, elevator, we recommend the optimal solution that connects you with the functionality of the installation with the elegance of the space.