In the study of charging and stability is the calculation of the strength -reactions and the behavior of the vehicle in the loading condition on the basis of the criteria standards.

These studies are required in the cases pροσθηκών crane, rυμουλκούμενων, dιαξονικού – a three axle truck etc and pροσθήκης of a crash – dumper.

Factors for the Study of Charge-Axle Vehicles and Stability

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineeringdrafting of the study, taking into account:

– The dimensions of the vehicle (surface, axle distances, etc.)

– The weight of the vehicle (gross etc.)

– The load capacity of all of the axles

– The maximum permissible weight load

– The full extent of the arm

Data for the Study of Charge-Axle Vehicles and Stability

In the preparation of the study included:

– The calculations of the moments, which must be acceptable within limits

– The calculation of the stability of the vehicle (for example, behavior of a crane in the case of lifting etc.)

– The calculation of exposures

– The technical specifications of the construction of a vehicle

– The technical specifications for the existing materials, or for those that will be used

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineeringwith the comprehensive design and preparation of the study, ensuring the best possible way on the application requirements and to ensure the safety and the issue of the licence on the basis of the standards that define it.