It is the study for the analysis, evaluation and architecture design for garden, landscaping, landscaping projects and kipotechnikes applications, as well as the study for the restoration of degraded natural habitats and disturbed areas.

Factors Of Landscape Design

Factors Considered in Landscape Designenvironmental legislation,ισθητική of the landscape the etype of space in which the landscape design study will be carried out,soil morphology (in the case of placing plants, we study their ability to grow in the soil) andvirological and ecological requirements of the materials.

Data For The Study Landscape Design

The elements included in the Landscape Design are the following:

– Architectural Drawings and earthwork

– Topographic Diagram (design field)

– Study of small technical projects (items that will enclose the surrounding area, artificial lake, fountains, gazebos etc.)

– Technology of materials

– Morphology and characteristics of plants

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, we undertake the preparation of a comprehensive study with the harmonious cooperation of the scholar and of the user so as to achieve the sustainable management of the landscape and the overall functional and aesthetic order, with a view to the best possible relationship between the user and the environment.