The static studies are carried out the calculations and the preparation of plans of the building, board materials, material specifications etc., required for the structural adequacy of the building.

Factors Of A Static Study

During the preparation of the Structural design shall be taken into account:

– Regulations and Legislative frameworks (Eurocodes, EAK & ECOS 2000, Greek cargo regulation, KAN. EPE. etc.)

– Required opening service

– Type of institution (metallic, conventional, promiscuous)

– Seismicity region

– Functionality of a building

– Dimensions – geometry of the under-construction space

– Type of soil foundation

Elements Of Structural Design

In the Static Study are contained thewish static calculations,technical report with the specifications of the materials, etcconstruction plans,projects details, such astolerances with respect to loads, soil and material characteristic stresses andthe layout and calculations, showing carrier system and loads.

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, undertake the preparation of structural design of buildings, commercial and industrial spaces with a key tool of the optimal technical and economical solution for the utilization of the available space in relation to the legislation, the anti-seismic protection and the specific needs and preferences, depending on the use of space.