A feasibility study is the evaluation of a proposal to determine the difficulties of a project and to investigate whether it will deliver the expected benefits.

Feasibility study preparation factors

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Finance, when we evaluate an investment proposal, we take into accountthe technical design,the cost of implementing the project,the expected benefits,the social and environmental consequences,the necessity of the plan, theinstitutional issues and thefinancial issues.

Feasibility study data

1) Analysis of the market and the external environment

2) Technical Viability Analysis

3) Cost – Benefit Analysis

4) Evaluation of the expected financial performance

5) Results for making the right decision

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Finance, we scientifically evaluate your business plans, carefully consider every parameter and guide you in making the right decision to realize your investment. Alternatively, we present the various resulting modification solutions for you to choose from.

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