Tuesday 21 May 2024
Autonomous Flow Energy Controller: Hardware<div class='subtitle'><span style='color:#696969bd;font-size:1.6rem;line-height:1.5rem;display:block;'>ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Autonomous</span></div>

Autonomous Flow Energy Controller: Hardware
ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Autonomous

Stand-alone controller flow of energy is a product that has the possibility of optimal management of energy produced from Renewable Sources, based on weather forecasts. More specifically, the controller receives through cloud data relating to the energy generated by the microgrid which controls, estimates, weather for the next 5-7 days, and based on these he takes his decisions. In cases where the output exceeds the demand, then, to take decisions regarding the storage of energy or powering load beyond the critical, while in cases of lacking demand, then gives specific...

The Micro Network of Autonomous Energy Controller
ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Autonomous

Research and results for the Autonomous Controller
ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Autonomous

Diagram of interconnection and operation of an autonomous controller flow of energy

Autonomous power flow controller
ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Autonomous

In an era, where there is an urgent need for sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production, the ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering is introducing a truly innovative system for the production of electric energy and optimal management of this. Its aim is to offer a system that produces zero-cost electricity, store it, and with the use of an innovative software to decide when to use it, in order to achieve the maximum possible performance. In other words, the proposal of ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering has economic benefits, making it energy-autonomous and self-sufficient the user and at the same time a burden in any way the natural environment.

Benefits of proposed system
Every consumer who has such a system, in fact, have access to free electricity, working autonomously in relation to the provider (and the problems of vacation that may arise in this), and offers a software, which analyzes, for the account of, weather data and depending on the forecast for the next few days, to take decisions regarding the utilization of stored energy. So achieves adding "value" to the energy generated.

Photovoltaic panels and olive trees

Photovoltaic or culture?
ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Autonomous

The effects of recent socio-political developments, whether we're talking about the ones that took place in Greece, or those relating to the wider European family, is nothing more than a simple reminder of the σαθρότητας and -by definition - ευμεταβλητότητας of the financial data of our lives. When a war can change so much in their wider relationships, then that's what we all have to do is to constantly increasing the levels of versatility, especially when it comes to the productive potential of a country and the autonomy of the energy and commodities in the primary sector.