The study of biological cleaning is the study which sets out the phases for the process, collection, sewage treatment, either in a natural way, either with the help of chemical additives.

Factors for the Study of Biological cleaning

The main factors taken into account are waste water volume and chemical characteristics, legislation per waste category (limits of chemical characteristics), intended use of biological treatment, noise and pollution, and installation location.

Data for the Study of Biological cleaning

The final drafting of the study includes:

1) installation Drawings and hydraulic calculations

2) Calculate the volume of wastewater

3) Study of the collection, transport and storage in tanks

4) Study of the characteristics at the input of the unit and the results output, depending on the legislation

5) mitigation Measures

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Environment, putting together the Study of Biological Cleaning to handle the requirements of the customer and the installation in conjunction with the satisfaction of the offer friendly, which will convince us of all the benefits of the installation, both ecologically and economically.