The wastewater disposal study specifies the transportation and disposal of wastewater after its treatment, from the installation units to the storage sites.

Factors of pension study sewage disposal

The factors taken into account for the preparation of the study are the legislation, the user population, the phases of the production process, the type of waste and the natural recipients.

Data For The Study Sewage Disposal

The final version of the study includes:

1) The study of transport and disposal of waste water in the region

2) The study of the separation mode of storage (in a chamber, in the soil, in beds, etc.)

4) environmental information and data project

5) The description of the phases of production

6) kinds of sewage per phase

7) The study wastewater treatment

8) sewage disposal

9) The calculation specifications wastewater treatment plant

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Environment, we undertake the complete design study, bridging the upgrading of the quality of life of users, while at the same time ensuring the protection of public health and the protection of the natural environment.