Tthe Wednesday, May 17, was signed by the ministry of Development and Investment 2the Notice for the inclusion of investment projects in the Scheme of Processing – Supply Chain" of the Development Law 4887/2022.

In this notice, we announce the launch of the second cycle of submissions for inclusion of investment projects in the scheme. In the first cycle were deposited 401 investment projects with a total budget of more than a billion euros (1.004.412.060,19€) meet. For the Eastern Macedonia – Thrace tabled 24 projects with a total budget of 54.449.252,96€.


The purpose of this scheme is the strengthening of investment projects in the field of processing other than the processing of agricultural products and investment projects in the sector of the supply chain, with the object of technical, production, managerial, and organizational upgrade, as well as the innovative and outward-looking development.

Who is it for

The scheme concerns companies in the industry of processing other than the processing of agricultural products and investment projects in the sector of supply chain and includes the following forms:
• Trading company
• Cooperative
• Social cooperative enterprises (Cc.P.Op)
• Agricultural cooperatives
• Producer Groups
• Urban Cooperatives, Rural Partnerships
• Under foundation or the merging companies, with the obligation to have completed the procedures publicity prior to the commencement of the investment project
• Joint ventures engaged in commercial activity
• State and municipal enterprises and their subsidiaries

Εργάτης κατά τη διάρκεια παραγωγής
Εργάτες στο εσωτερικό εργοστασίου.


1)covered by plans submitted must have the character of initial investment and, in particular, to meet one of the following conditions:

(a) Creation of a new unit
(b)Extension of the capacity of an existing establishment.
(c)Diversification of the output of an establishment into products not produced or services that have not been provided by her.
(d)a Fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing establishment.

2) the participation of The operator of the total eligible costs of the investment project can be done either through equity or by external financing, provided that twenty-five percent (25%) this does not contain any state aid, public support or the provision of

Subsidised costs

a. Construction, expansion and modernisation of buildings
b. Purchase and installation of new machinery and other equipment
c. Intangible assets (computer software, organization, systems assurance quality control ISO, purchase patent rights, know-how and patented technical knowledge.)
d. Wage costs of new jobs
e. Transportation moving within a space of εντασσόμενης unit
f. Leasing of machinery and other equipment
th. Consulting services

Amounts and percentages budget per project

Depending on the size of the company and the type of aid vary, the minimum height of an investment project. In more detail:

Minimum amount of investment projects
Business investment plan
Cc.P.Seq., A.P., The.E., A.E.P. 50.000 €
50.000 €
Very small
100.000 €
250.000 €
500.000 €
1.000.000 €
Aid rates
Size of firm
Rate of aid
Small and very small

Date of eligibility of expenditure  

The start date of competence of the costs set out in this submission for inclusion in the program.

Time of completion and submissions

The closing date for submissions of the second cycle is 29the September 2023. The date of completion of the project is three (3) years from the date of publication of the summary decision for approval.

For more information, request a telephone appointment and a qualified economist of our company will contact you.