Business plan (business plan) is the official expression of the business objectives of an enterprise, of the justification and actions to achieve them. Includes general information for the business or group that undertakes the achievement of these goals for the large-scale changes when they happen.

Factors design business plan

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Finance we plan the actions for the achievement of the objectives of the business after an analysis of the mission and the market in which it operates and schedule time in order to have the maximum results.


The basic elements that constitute a business plan is the following:

– Business description (purpose, vision, facilities, resources)

– Analysis of the business environment

– Analysis of the industry

– Competition analysis

– Market analysis

– Objectives of strategic planning

– Marketing plan

– Shot functions

– Financial plan

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Financewe describe and identify in time the best combination of actions to expand your business. We design the marketing plan in order to have a greater impact your products. We design your functions to be more efficient. Make suggestions for better use of the funds of your business.

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