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Photovoltaic systems

The European Union has set a target that the year 2020, the 20% of energy consumption to come from renewable sources. Photovoltaic (or PV) systems are one of the applications of renewable energy, with enormous interest for Greece. Taking advantage of the photovoltaic effect, the photovoltaic systems generate electricity from solar energy.

The exploitation of solar energy with the use of photovoltaic systems offers the following advantages:

•   Environmentally friendly technology: zero caused pollutants from power generation
•   Solar energy is an inexhaustible energy source, available everywhere and does not cost anything at all
•  With the appropriate geographical distribution, close to their respective energy consumers, PV systems can be installed without the need to support the distribution network
•   The function of the system is completely silent
•   They have almost zero maintenance requirements
•   They have endurance: manufactures guarantee the function of the  “crystals” for 20-30 years
•   There is always the possibility of a future expansion, to meet the growing needs of the users
•   They can be installed on existing structures, such as: e.g. the roof of a house or the façade of a building
•  They have flexibility in applications: PV systems work perfectly both as autonomous systems, as an autonomous hybrid systems when combined with other sources of energy (conventional or renewable) and accumulators for storing the produced energy
•  In addition, a big advantage of PV system is that it can be interconnected with the power grid (interconnected system), eliminating the need for redundancy and giving additionally the potential to the user to sell any excess energy to the administrator of the electricity network.

IONIKI ΕΤΕ has been active in renewable energy projects since 2010, having extensive experience and technical knowledge in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems on homes and businesses, as well as in the creation of photovolatic parks.