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Our Service

IONIKI ΕΤΕ provides services from the conception of the idea to the detailed design of a building, based on profound knowledge of building structures, giving the opportunity of taking appropriate decisions from the earliest stages.

Having developed a group of experts who are in constant contact with partners and project clients, delivers effective and innovative design studies for the creation, expansion and modernization of residential buildings, industries, commercial and tourist facilities.

The building design team, composed of engineers, architects and designers, acts realistically within legal frameworks, but also beyond the conventional boundaries, in order to give design solutions, minimizing resources and usage of energy, so that the buildings would be integrated harmoniously in their environment.

Our experience in design results in making useful buildings, comfortable with efficient spaces for people who use them and at the same time attractive and sustainable.

Using the latest trends in architectural, engineering and electromechanical design, we create buildings with high energy and electromechanical performances with lowest cost possible, ensuring safety against earthquake, fire, wind and appropriate conditions of comfort, acoustics and lighting.

The basic building design services, that we offer, include the following studies, having first determined the methods, materials and manufacturing standards.

 Topographic Diagrams  Project Scheduling  Heating - Air Conditioning Study  Organization and Operation of Industries Study
 Road Construction Study  Premeasurements - Measurements  Electrical Installations Study  Photovoltaic Study
 Circulatory Connections  Architectural Design  Water Supply Study  Solar Collectors Study
 Transportation Projects Study  Structural Study  Drainage Study  Refrigeration Chamber Study
 Soil Technical Study  Photorealistic / 3D Imaging  Fire Safety Study  Environmental Impacts Study
 Geological Study  Building Energy Efficiency Study  Refrigeration Chamber Study  Waste Management Study
 Geological Sections  Sound Insulation Study  Heat Cost Distribution Study  Waste Disposal Study
 Urban Regeneration Study  Thermal Insulation Study  Lighting Study  Biological Cleaning Study
 Landscape Design  Building Energy Efficiency Study  Elevators Study  Axle Charge Study