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The safety engineer provides the employer with suggestions and advice on issues related to occupational health and safety and the prevention of work-related accidents. Its working time depends on the number of employees and the degree of risk of the company. We provide safety engineer services to industries, small industries, laboratories, confectioneries, bakeries, garages and professional service offices.

Objectives of Safety Engineer

The Safety Engineer advises on:

  • planning and organizing work
  • import and supply of instruments and equipment
  • selection and control of the effectiveness of individual means of protection
  • formation and arranging positions and working environment


Ηε checks the safety of the installations, the technical means, the production activities and the working methods before they are implemented, supervises the implementation of the occupational health and safety measures and contributes to the prevention of the accidents, informing the management of the company.

Obligations of Safety Engineer

The Security Engineer is under an obligation:

  • to regularly inspect the jobs to observe any omissions of health and safety measures, to report them to the employer, to propose remedies and to oversee their implementation
  • to check the proper use of individual protection means
  • to investigate the causes of possible work-related accidents, to analyze and evaluate the results of its investigations and to propose measures to avoid them
  • to ensure that employees comply with health and safety rules by informing and guiding them to prevent the occupational dangers of their work
  • to contribute to the development and implementation of health and safety training programs for workers
  • to maintain business secrecy


In IONIKI, we have experienced safety engineers with experience, ethics and a high sense of responsibility for the seriousness of their property, who offer reliable methods to reduce hazardous and unhealthy conditions, contributing to safety at work.