Construction of Premium 42,5 kW

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The construction of a Premium PV system includes the supply and installation of the system.


Highest quality materials

The Premium range offers net metering photovoltaic 42,5 kW with materials of the highest standards, without, however, losing its competitiveness on prices, as well as the packages start from €38.812. This series of products reserves the German panels Luxor EcoLine, adding the German guarantee and reliability, and the inverter with the SMA Sunny Tripower that have the largest portal for monitoring photovoltaic systems, the Sunny Portal. The aluminum mounts are by Alumil.

German reliability, Intuitive interface, High performance, Data-in time

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The great performance in the right size with the best protection

Now in the Luxor EcoLine, assemble 370W within the common dimensions of 1m x 2m. Through 72 cells delivers the power you need for a truly high performance, through a high transparency reheated glass. The protection of IP 6 (impervious to dust) 5 (protection from rain) ensures maximum protection on your investment.

370 kW


72 cells

monolithic panel

Classic πάνελ Lux

3.2 mm

High transparency reheated glass

IP 65

at least

Guaranteed durability and performance with a surplus

With additional surplus of up to 6.49 Wp per panel is guaranteed by the linear output at a depth of 25 years, with full coverage of the contract. A highly durable connection plugin that ensures the best contact force in all conditions and the frame with hollow section made of anodised aluminium and compatible with every assembly system, is rigid and free of corrosion. Made according to German standards, each solar module Luxor is characterized by a special level of durability and reliability, εγγυημμένο for 15 years.

6,49 Wp

maximum surplus

15 years

product warranty

Classic πάνελ Lux


immune cells
the phenomenon PID

25 years

warranty good linear


The attachment system of the panels is assembled with the “hands”

The system aluminium base K2 SpeedRail for photovoltaic systems, greatly simplifies the assembly of the unit. This has as a consequence the minimum charge for an extra stress of your roof. The security it provides responsive to enormous wind loads, while the clamps holding down the panels on the rails.


Easy to assemble

with a few accessories and
without special tools

Βάσεις Classic για φωτοβολταϊκά πάνελ



for all of them
types of panels


German performance guarantee

The Sunny Tripower 15000TL / 20000TL / 25000TL is the ideal inverter for commercial and industrial facilities on a large scale. It not only offers extraordinary high yields with an efficiency of 98,4%, but it also offers enormous design flexibility and compatibility with many pv modules thanks to the possibilities of multiple entries and the wide range of input voltage.

Power >98%

maximum performance


board DC

Έξυπνη διασύνδεση SMA Inverter Premium


coefficient of performance

-25°C ~ 60°C

operating temperature range

Smart interface SMA

SMA Smart Connected is the free monitoring of the inverter via the SMA Sunny Portal. If there is an error inverter, SMA informs the precaution of the operator of the pv system and the installer. This saves valuable time and cost. So the control is immediately and we can correct immediately any error, thanks to offer such services.


1,000 V

maximum DC input voltage

German technology

reliability & quality

Έξυπνη διασύνδεση SMA Inverter Premium


USB, modbus, RJ45 internet

Telemetry system

WiFi, Bluetooth


The largest portal in the world in your hands

Sunny Portal is the largest portal for monitoring photovoltaic systems, with more than 330,000 registered systems worldwide and over 20 GW controlled photovoltaic power in more than 160 countries. With the Sunny Portal, the owners of photovoltaic systems have access to basic system data anytime, anywhere. Can analyze the prices and to compare the yields with charts. You have full control.

Simple &


at a glance

Always up to date


energy efficiencies


Costs per option package on the basis of kW

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Autonomous we all the procedures of licensing, and installation of photovoltaic. The costs for the installation of photovoltaic on the roof presented in the table below. Note that the packages are related to installations on the roof. If you are interested in to be installed in a roof, contact us to receive an offer.

42,5 kW
114 panel
2 Inverter (20 kW + 25 kW)
10 years warranty Inverter
Electrical DC/AC
Installation base-panel
Installation of electrical
Network connection
Licensing / project management

Additional information


On the roof, On the base