What are the benefits of subsidized programs?

The subsidized investment programs (ESPA, Leader, Development Law, etc.) are one of the few most ways for a business to gain access to funding for the development and modernisation of. In addition, they have an incentive effect by enhancing initial investment and new business initiatives in all sectors of the economy. In the last few years are a key factor of investment activity in the country, given that the banks have minimized the provision of liquidity.

Given the opportunity to potential investors to set up a new business and achieve their business vision. In existing entrepreneurs to modernise and to further expand their business. Depending on the conditions of each program Greek companies can to renew their equipment or to carry out structural interventions. They can also, to take advantage of renewable energy sourcesto strengthen their staff, to advertise and promote their products. All of these benefits of the subsidized programs will give a new impetus and momentum in a business. In many cases, businesses that were enrolled in subsidized programs have secured a strong position in their sector. Developed innovations and emerged both in the domestic market as well as abroad.

They are therefore a valuable tool in the modern economy with multiple benefits both at the level of private initiatives, but also for public entities or partnerships of these. The subsidized programs are developmental in nature, and support investment and entrepreneurship in general.

How I will take advantage of the subsidized programs and what should I look for?

Invest in real needs of your business

Use subsidies wisely. Don't get the logic to obtain e.x. equipment that may not be in line with the market conditions and the needs of the time. Before you decide to make an investment consider whether it will have positive results, and determine the quantitative. Do not rely exclusively on the subsidy. Just think, if it wasn't for the subsidy would think of that?

Get an advantage over the competition

The subsidized programs will give you the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and to run the developments. Take into consideration that is expected to move the market in the industry in which you operate. The benefits of a subsidy may contribute significantly to expand your market share. You can also εξειδικευθείτε, to introduce innovations, to conserve power, or to get certification-quality if you utilize them properly. Some of your competitors will do the same.

Make sure that you have the same participation

It's not uncommon for investors to exhibit with various tricks that they have capital adequacy. In several cases, however, during the implementation of the investment were found in dead-end and a failure to complete. So, there were investments that were left unfinished. Make a simple financial planning to make sure that you won't find yourself in this position. Take into consideration the time of implementation that defines each program.

Don't delay, submit on time

Gather all your supporting documents required for subsidized programs and submit in a timely manner your file. Don't wait until the last minute. You may not have the opportunity for revisions, changes and corrections. Also, some programs are active until budget. This means that any delay in the submission can be a reason for non-inclusion of your proposal.

Ρολόι και σημειωματάριο.

Select experienced and skilled consultants at your side

Select people with experience who will guide you properly and will direct you to the desired result in the duration of the program. Both in the drafting and submission of the dossier, and in the subsequent administration, until the final payment of the grant. An experienced consultant will guide you so that your investment has a complete character. We will propose solutions in order for your proposal to collect the best score possible and maximize your chances of approval. The cost of preparation and monitoring of the investment project is included in the amount of the subsidy.

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ we are ready to inform you about the active subsidized programs and the potential inclusion of your business in one of these, based on everything you own needs and priorities.

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