With the proclamation of a new investment programme raised questions arising from the particular characteristics and requirements described in the guide of the specific program. More specifically, for the Green Transformation of Smes here are ten common questions.

1. In the "green" costs include the costs for the installation of photovoltaic net metering;

Yes, costs are included for the installation of photovoltaic net metering, to the power of 10 kW.

2. How to benefit from the energy produced by photovoltaic stations?

The obtained energy is utilized in the first stage to offset the energy consumption. H excess energy generated is fed into the storage system to the filling and after the filling of this, the produced energy is injected into the network.

3. There is a right to lodge a new application?

Yes, as long as there has been a voluntary withdrawal of the first application, if rejected, the initial, if you don't have progressed in a submission to the intensity, or if already voluntarily withdrew the objection.

Φωτοβολταϊκά πάνελ και πράσινος μετασχηματισμός ΜμΕ
Στέλεχος στοιβάζει έγγραφα σημειώσεων.

4. What date is marked as the start of the work and, by extension, is the starting date for eligibility of expenditure of the investment plan?

As the date of commencement of operations and eligibility of expenditure is defined as the date of the new funding.

5. Who is considered the main CAR of the company during the application submission?

Lord SMR of the company is the one with the largest revenue recorded in the last approved accounting period.

6. The individual business requirement of registration in the Register of beneficial owners;

The sole proprietors are not required to register in the Register of beneficial owners.

7. The corporation is obliged to submit the document of authorisation for the SMR for the investment in the funding request;

There is no obligation to submit the document for development consent to the submission of an application for funding.

8. For the investment projects of the tourism sector, specifically business with accommodation "SMR 55", it turns out, the filling of the character of the initial investment in the case of a fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing unit?

For the proof of this is required, the documentation through an integrated form of modernization (upgrade equipment, buildings and other facilities, as well as the operating level of the business), or upgrade of a category (e.x. from 3 to 4 stars)

9. The professional has decided with the use of cash to carry out a capital increase and submit bank statements and the available balances of the partners. Have to testify, and instruments available in the rest of the month before the application for funding?

Both forms should be submitted to have the same date.

10. Who should be signed by the Technical report for the documentation of the initial costs?

Required signed a Technical report from the engineer if there is an expansion of capacity. However, in each case required the documentation on the essential elements of the initial investment.

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