Reconstruction and expansion of a liquid fuel storage and handling unit

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   Porto Lagos


   500 sq.m.

   Power machinery


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   2 years

Founded in 1954, the ΕΛΙΝΟΪΛ is a powerful energy group, claims a leading position in the supply of fuel in the Greek industry. 

It features three storage facilities and handling of fuels and oils in Aspropyrgos, Volos and Porto Lagos, three tankers for the needs of maritime transport and 620 petrol stations in Greece. 

The business of the activity spreads to the export activity, as well as one of the leading producers in the country, supplying petroleum products on four continents. 

The company to support the development of the course, upgrades and improves the infrastructure and facilities with eco-friendly orientation.

Design and study implementation

On-site storage and handling of fuels in the ΕΛΙΝΟΪΛ in Porto Lagos, there was a need for extension and modernisation of the existing infrastructure.

In this context, we undertook the study and design of:

  1. Surveying of 16.5 acres after building facilities surface area of 1000 sq.m.
  2. Settings atrocities
  3. Planning a new warehouse maintenance of 200 sq.m.
  4. Design of a new roof parking car
  5. Re-engineering station loading fuel and housing for installation of a pv system
  6. Re-engineering of the environment
  7. Μικροβελτίωση sided existing
  8. Electrical studies εφαρμογήςτε

Image : Photorealistic visualization of a future installation

The strategy of licensing

A key objective for the implementation of planned, it was the version building permit erection of industrial warehouse and shelters. For the smooth and orderly completion of the work, it was proposed that the effective solution of permit technical reconstruction. This license giving rise to the position of the temporary operating licence, it allowed the lawful operation and saved the necessary time, driving without hindrance to the issuance and receipt of the building permit. So, processed the following services licensing:

  1. License technical reconstruction
  2. Building permit
  3. Approval mode

Warehouse maintenance of machinery, vehicles and equipment

The warehouse maintenance is a necessary infrastructure for every industry. In other cases there must be thousands of meters, and in the other, a few square feet, depending on the needs of storage materials, machinery, equipment and fleet vehicles. In this application, selected the design of warehouse maintenance area of 200sq.m. The main entrance of the building, it was designed in such a way that there is the necessary height coverage of the introduction of the most demanding in dimensions, machine installation.

A study was conducted electrical cabling and the installation of the warehouse was designed to serve the needs of the. The total shipments amounted to 36kW and provided for installation on the table all of the required provisions to ensure the safe operation of this. Finally, provision was made for the placement of a foundational grounding for the protection of the entire installation.

The building of the warehouse has been studied with the new legislation fire safety of buildings as a medium degree of risk in the existing installation. Is operating ανεξάρτητή plug-in with a fire resistance of 120 minutes, and independent routes of escape.

In the active measures were not required fixed fire extinguishing systems in the warehouse on the basis of legislation, as the installation is covered by a fixed fire-extinguishing system that is fed with water from the sea, which is transported by underground pipeline through a special pump, and foam generator.

Rethinking service station loading and roof extension for photovoltaic and Parking car

The existing roof of the station loading, it does not give any advantage for the exploitation of the roof for the installation of photovoltaic panels, due to the specificity of the construction.

For this reason, was redesigned so as to cover both the development needs of a photovoltaic system and a new form of design of facilities, with new surface equal to 250 sq.m., following the design features of the shades of the stations of ELIN.

Image : Photorealistic visualization of a roof loading

Due to the surface of the roof and a very specific mode of development of the bolster, a solution has been found installation of the gutter near them, so as to not be large differences in the gradients and the vertical tracks to make points easy and stable support.

Provision was made for the installation of flush LED lighting to ensure the visual comfort conditions. Also, for the protection of all of the installation provided for placement of a triangle ground.

The new parking surface 75 sq.m. it was envisaged and it was also studied the photovoltaic installation, in order to give the company the ability to self-production of electricity, net metering. From the outset, has been studied for the installation of photovoltaic systems in a manner which would be guaranteed the modern design of the parking lot, the proper orientation in order to exploit the company auto-production in high yields as well as the obvious, which was the protection of the car and the demarcation of the parking space.

The space was chosen, it concerns exterior of the unit, i.e. outside of the central enclosure, so that the parking of vehicles, not adds to administrative costs and responsibility in the company, but is done as smoothly and safely.

On the roof of a parking space was provided for the installation of luminaires LED with a light output, so as to ensure the visual comfort conditions. The fixtures will be installed in the columns of the shelter with the aim of promoting the construction. Also, for the protection of all of the installation provided for placement of a triangle ground.

Design environment and siting solar park

In the design of this, requested the preparation of a comprehensive study solar park on the ground, according to the energy needs of the plant and the available space. The most critical element of the design was the development of the park in combination with the study of motion of the vehicle and the safety of installations. For this reason, it was originally designed for the development of diode motion of the vehicle, by selecting the vehicle design a fire engine car and a truck of similar dimensions. Thus were created passively the available areas of development of the installation of the pv, where there was the highest and best use of the area.

In addition, strictly with the relevant provisions, provided according to the coverage rate, the planting of trees on the premises.

Challenges of licensing

For a smooth and short completion of the expansion and modernisation of the storage and handling of liquid fuels, was the granting of such licences, which would ensure the orderly and smooth functioning of the business. Within the period of reconstruction, the unit had to adjust any small arbitrariness there was, to design the new facilities of various disciplines in engineering and to pick up all those environmental approvals, opinions Council of Architecture and other approvals services in order to be issued the final planning permission.

Throughout the course of this work, there was not a moment of the proper operation tosh unit. The licensing worked out as planned and the company arrived at the point of implementation of all planned and budgeted work of development and modernisation.

Project team

PhD, MBA, Electrical engineering

M.Sc. Civil engineer

Electrical Engineer 

Electrical Engineer

Civil Engineer

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