Study of the organization and operation of industry is the study of market forces for the direction of the activities of producers to meet the needs of the consumer and the design of the organization on the basis of the criteria of cost and performance.

Factors to Study the Organization and Operation Industry

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, we prepare an Industry Study, taking into accountthe production and use of improvement,the size and type of industry,the departments contained in the industry,the industry and market structure, theelements of industrial organization and operation study.

In the preparation of the study included:

– The spatial organization of plants (order parts etc.)

– The study of the function of the parts between them

– The organization chart for the operation and supplies

– The Study of the Planning of the Production process and materials-handling (Study of work and methods, handling equipment etc.)

– The design and organization of production control (production planning etc.)

– The Design of a System to Increase Productivity through the Study Years and Working Methods

In ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering, with the comprehensive design study of the organization and operation of industry, we ensure the absolute calculation and the estimation sample, which explain the behaviour of firms in the markets in combination with the degree of efficiency. The operation of the business shall be governed by the harmony of the innovation, organization, communication and a sense of safety in all the links of the production chain.