Saturday 2 December 2023
Η γεωτεχνική μελέτη εγγύς της θάλασσας είναι πάντα απαραίτητη<div class='subtitle'><span style='color:#696969bd;font-size:1.6rem;line-height:1.5rem;display:block;'>Τι είναι η γεωτεχνική μελέτη και πώς βοηθά;</span></div>

The geotechnical study near the sea is always necessary
What is a geotechnical study and how does it help?

Greece's coastal areas have always been popular locations for development as they provide beautiful views, a sense of community and opportunities for recreation. However, building in these areas is becoming increasingly complex due to the unique challenges posed by the very close proximity to the sea. Coastal erosion, storms, and changing water levels are just some of the issues to consider when building in these areas.

Hotels or Airbnb;
Qualitative comparison of the two types of hosting

Industry 4.0: Trend or necessity?
ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Engineering

The necessity of full-time engineering team
The contribution of engineering to the design and licensing industries

Βιοκλιματικό κτήριο

Building Energy Performance Study

It is the study that determines the energy efficiency of the building in terms of heating and air conditioning needs. The study connects the bioclimatic architectural design with the electromechanical studies (heating, cooling, lighting) to calculate and achieve the optimal energy efficiency of the building.



A topographical diagram is a complete topographical study, on which the following are recorded with the required accuracy.