Pv park of 100 kW in the Vaniano Xanthi

Ανατέθηκε στην ΙΩΝΙΚΗ Renewables η αδειοδότηση και η εγκατάσταση ενός φωτοβολταϊκού συστήματος 99.84 kW σε έκταση οικοπέδου τεσσάρων στρεμμάτων στο Βανιάνο Ξάνθης. For the creation of the solar park placed panels of the company MAGE SOLAR-type POWERTEC PLUS 240/6PJ rated power 240 W each. The concrete panels were used due to the small effective surface area. For the conversion of continuous current in ac χρησιμοποίηθηκαν 6 three-phase inverters of the company SMA type STP 17000TL-10. The bases used are by the German company SCHLETTER. Finally, the field was formed and περιφράχθηκε.


4 acres

year of construction

2 months
implementation time